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The information provided in this Document is only for information purposes of the Revold game project. This should by no means be interpreted as a recommendation of investment in the game’s assets. Game asset prices are associated with risks that are above the control of the founding team such as market circumstances. Besides, the plan laid out in this document may be adjusted to adapt to future situations to achieve the best performance of the Meta Revolution World (REVOLD) platform.

Meta Revolution World Game is the next-generation decentralized gaming metaverse.

Meta Revolution World” “REVOLD represents an unknown virtual world open for players to explore, our “Game”.  Users will be able to attend Battle Royal Matches, or Adventure Mode, and go to team meetings all in VR on the Revolution World Application. Revolution World application in the future can be accessed with a VR or AR device. A less immersive version of the platform can be accessed through the modern browser allowing everyone to participate.


The mission of Meta Revolution World is to bring blockchain technology into an open space where players from all over the world can participate in Meta Revolution World together; simply to Join Us: