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True decentralized ownership of a gaming world via DAO. Players that hold REVOLD Coins get to decide the governance policy or the next in-game development for the ecosystem, including reward mechanisms and tokenomic systems.

The primary goal of the project is to create a fully decentralised game that can run autonomously. Over the last 12 months, and particularly in the last year, DeFi apps have seen impressive growth and rapid development. There are hundreds of DeFi projects gaining traction today—from trading, lending, and wallet interfaces, to assets and communities representing over 15B $USD in value. DeFi allows us to leverage this exciting growth to bootstrap a solvent platform that can hit the ground running for the increasing market interest in DeFi projects.

We are already starting to see a shift away from “novelty projects” that don’t add tangible value because ultimately they are unsustainable. We strongly believe a decentralised gaming economy provides the best fusion between crypto/blockchain/DAO enthusiasts and gamers looking for open access devoid of corporate interference.



Players can create all kinds of in-game items, from unique avatars to fantasy equipment. All in-game items will be tokenized and represented by NFTs, and all assets can be traded through an open decentralized marketplace.



The imagination is the limit when it comes to customization in Meta Revolution World NFT’s. In fact, this amount of attention to physical detail wouldn’t truly be seen until the later Revold game realize.



Revold Game allow players to perceive themselves in alternate ways in imagined worlds. Player identification is one of the outcomes of gameplay experiences in Revold 3D World and has been shown to affect enjoyment and reduce self-discrepancy. Avatar-based customization has potential to impact player identification by shaping the relationship between the player and the character. This mixed method study aims to fill the gap in the identification literature by examining the effects of avatar-based customization on players’ identification with and empathy towards their characters in a massively VR and AR online multiplayer of the Revold Game.

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REVOLD is powered by a global community, made up of gamers, investors, and creators, to build an immersive multiplayer experience and balanced ecosystem.


Gamers make up over a third of the global population – nearly 67% of Americans and 46% of the Chinese population. These communities fit the definition of megacities; a large human settlement of more than 10 million people.


In this case, however, the city borders aren’t defined by location, but shared interests. In essence, gamers are residents of the games they inhabit and travel between. Together they are building digital cities, each with a set of rich and diverse cultural norms and rituals.


The architects – Tencent, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard et. al. – build each city jam-packed with fantastical landmarks and intrepid journeys for players to explore and experience, all the while seamlessly integrating the ability to shop at the click of a button.


Provides user traffic and economic flows for blockchain games, and creates a game metaverse for players and creators.  At the moment, Revold project is powered by Binance Blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain – (NFTs). Soon we will launch our own blockchain follow our Roadmap. 


Revold Blockchain could completely restructure the industry, turn the tables on the monopolistic console market, create a multiverse, and make Revold Game more immersive. How Revold game navigates the remaining hurdles will become a case study for other industries considering widespread adoption. Revolt is not only a game, it is also Blockchain, Crypto Exchange, Multi-Bridge Tool, World Money Transfer App with low coast fee.