Meta Revolution World - Revold Docs | MONETIZATION


$REVOLD is the digital token circulated around the Meta Revolution World ecosystem, which players use to purchase NFTs & in-game items and participate in different gaming events.


$Revold will be monetized with different revenue streams as follows:

  • Deduction of 0% of buying $Revold.
  • Deduction of 0% of selling $Revold.

Share of $REVOLD staking rewards that will be based on $REVOLD staked in a Treasury by the company and payoff with Reward Token R-Pearl (Revolution Pearls Coin).

$R-Pearl Coin (R-PC) is the digital token circulated around the Meta Revolution World ecosystem, which is used in the Revold ecosystem to pay rewards to the community that supports our project (Affiliated Team). 

  • Deduction of 15% of buying $R-PC.
  • Deduction of 15% of selling $R-PC.
  • Deduction of Charity Fees of 4%.
  • Deduction of Token Holders Fees of 3%.
  • Deduction of Liquidity Wallet Fees of 5%.
  • Deduction of Development Fees of 3%.


5% fee on trading equipment on a secondary market.

4% Marketing.

4% Liquidity.

2% Development of Metaverse.


In addition, Revolution World will have burning and other economic mechanisms, through decentralized governance to achieve a better economic deflation and ecological incentive mechanism. The detailed operation will begin with the community proposal and voting, and the whole process will be open and transparent.




  • Purchase of assets in the form of cryptocurrencies, virtual assets in the metaverse, $REVOLD & $R-PC in-game coins.
  • Arbitrage farms to maximize yields 200% APY;
  • Provide guidance in events that involve debt and interest payments, acquisition of assets

including any buybacks and future fundraising rounds;

  • We are perform financial operations such as accounting, audits, reporting and tax.