Meta Revolution World - Revold Docs | NFT MARKETPLACE

Provides exclusive NFT transactions for in-game items, adopts various bidding models, and supports NFT fragmentation and market maker liquidity in the future.


Meta Revolution World first batch of Revold NFT’s will launch with “limited editions” – of a fixed number of in-game digital items. Revold Project – will be offered as in-game digital items with one-of-a-kind serial numbers, which can be bought and sold.


Note: You would need an MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet – ERC-1155 to receive the Avatar NFT and Distribution of the NFTs will be conducted on a weekly basis.



Our game will be accessible both in-world and from a mobile app, REVOLD VR will take the trading of NFT’s to the next level with The Big Market VR – creating an NFT paradise for creators, collectors and traders.


A decentralized marketplace operating on smart contracts, The  REVOLD VR Marketplace  will be the largest blockchain NFT asset exchange.


Users will be able to trade literally anything and everything, even new items which can be directly created in the REVOLD VR Marketplace and which have never been offered before.


Facilitating the trade of goods and services, users can create and join auctions, with items available to be tested and inspected in detail before purchase.


P2P Trade Plugin When meeting people in REVOLD VR anything can be traded or offered to other users by shaking hands to close the deal.


Players will be given the opportunity to complete daily and weekly quests, as well as connect their pearl with another to mint new NFTs or Upgrade the one you have!