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$R-Pearl Coin represents the common reward currency of the gaming economy which includes all aspects of Defi, NFT-Fi, Metaverse and AR-VR Gameplay. The $ R-Pearl Coin token is issued based on the Binance Smart Chain, which is entirely decentralized.


$R-Pearl Coin serves as the native game currency for Revolution World. $R-Pearl Coin (R-PC) is the digital token circulated around the Meta Revolution World ecosystem, which is used in the Revold ecosystem to pay rewards to the community that supports our project (Affiliated Team

Rewards for DeFi/GameFi, such as liquidity farming & staking, are involved with the practice of staking or lending crypto assets to generate high Stable 200% APY Returns or Rewards in the form of additional $R-Pearl Coin. Revolution Pearl Token was created for Stacking/Farming rewards.


R-Pearl Coin Mainnet:

Contract Address #1: 0x5346d379E3418BCBe1C9E7fDe1d6edf4E6875Ff6


Contract Address #2: https://bscscan.com0xd91960ddbcc13a261469bcaa30bcaa747acac665 

Contract Address #3:

r-pearl coin
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