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R-Pearl Coin Burning Protocol

Deflationary R-Pearl Coin are the ones that reduce supply over time. In other words, the total number of circulating token supply tends to reduce over the years.

The purpose here is to prevent over-flooding of the market. It also improves the overall value of the R-Pearl Coin. 

R-Pearl Coin Burning Protocol elaborates that a 15% percentage of the tax transactions on-chain will be burnt. In simple words, all on-chain transactions that involve the R-Pearl Coin attract a 15% tax, and the tax collected is burnt. 

It occurs automatically because the burn-on-transaction integrates into the coin contract. But the success of this relies on the coin’s trading volume due to the deduction only occurring when these transactions occur. 

Moreover, its success will depend upon the overall trading volume of the coin. It is because the deductions will not occur at the time of the transaction. So, with a higher transaction volume, more tokens are removed from the supply. 

Driving the value to the token holders while consistently burning the circulation will keep the demand constant or increase it with consistently deteriorating supply. 

We are also working on a second incineration protocol (HERO Protocol) which will enable us to Buy-Back and Burn.


In this scenario, the company is in charge of the cryptocurrency project, and it buys back a significant portion of the coins from the market and burns them. Burning refers to sending them to a dead address. Doing this reduces the supply by discarding the tokens. 

As a result, it can increase the overall value of that coin as the deadman remains the same while supply reduces. 

One of the biggest reasons why you might want to consider investing in Revold Project, our deflationary protocol, is because it holds its value, due to the fact that there is a limited amount of it.