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The Revold Exchange (“Meta Revolution World – Revold Project”) will be elaborately designed and intended to operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and use its best endeavors to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals. Regulatory licenses and/or approvals are likely to be required in a number of relevant jurisdictions in which relevant activities may take place. This means that the development and roll-out of all the initiatives described in this whitepaper are not guaranteed. It is not possible to guarantee, and no person makes any representations, warranties or assurances, that any such licenses or approvals will be obtained within a particular timeframe or at all. As such, the initiatives described in this whitepaper may not be available in certain jurisdictions, or at all. This could require restructuring of these initiatives and/or its unavailability in all or certain respects. In addition, the development of any initiatives is intended to be implemented in stages. During certain stages of development, the project may rely on relationships with certain licensed third party entities. If these entities are no longer properly licensed in the relevant jurisdiction, this will impact the ability of The Revold Exchange to rely on the services of that party.


No advice Revold does not constitute any investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or recommendation by, its affiliates, or its respective officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, advisors or consultants on the merits of purchasing Revold & R-PC tokens nor should it be relied upon in connection with any other contract or purchasing decision. Not a sale of security Revold does not constitute a prospectus or financial service offering document and is not an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any security, investment products, regulated products or financial instruments in any jurisdiction. Revold & R-PC tokens are not being structured or sold as securities in Owners of Revold & R-PC tokens are not entitled to any rights in or any of its affiliates, including any equity, shares, units, royalties to capital, profit, returns or income in or any other company or intellectual property associated with



MISSION & VISION was founded on the belief that everyone has control over their money, data and identity. We believe that decentralization holds the key to empowering people around the world to better safeguard their rights, and that we are helping the world move in this direction by accelerating the transition to adopting cryptocurrency





We believe that by accelerating the transition to adopting cryptocurrency, we can help people globally to:



  • Control their money – ability to access their funds anytime and anywhere;
  • Safeguard their data – cryptography-secured blockchain makes datatempering highly unlikely;
  • Protect their identity – no central entity can compromise your identity.





In our journey to achieve this vision, we are:


  • Redefining how money is being moved, spent and invested, and
  • Democratizing blockchain technology by designing beautiful, simple and useful financial services that have a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives. 


FUTURE OF THE INTERNET : WEB3 is committed to building the future of the internet : Web3. Powered by cryptocurrency, Web3 will be more fair and equitable, owned by the builders, creators and users. We build day by day, block by block, to give everyone control over their money, data and identity. The journey to build Web3 will be long and hard.




Key Challenges in Driving Crypto Adoption 

We see the following key challenges in driving crypto adoption:


  • User Experience:  Poorly designed user experience does not delight or satisfy mainstream users.
    • Value Proposition: Weak value propositions do not incentivize people to use crypto for purposes other than speculative trading.
    • A Complexity: Dicult to understand and invest for new-to-crypto users.
  • Security: Damaged user confidence from crypto-related fraud and theft.




To tackle the challenges above, we are offering products along four verticals: 

  1. Payment 
  2. Trading 
  3. Financial Services 
  4. Metaverse 


Our strategy is to leverage payment solutions as the primary tool for driving adoption and user acquisition, while building trading and financial services solutions as the major sources of revenue. Our NFT platform is a value added service that enables users to access the metaverse experiences. This strategy creates and self-sustains a virtuous cycle: payment channels bring users onto the platform, whereas trading and financial services generate revenue that can be reinvested into payment and used to build the ecosystem to offer full-suite crypto services. 


Our product solutions across four verticals are building up a sustainable ecosystem that serves our mission: Accelerate the World’s Transition to Cryptocurrency.




Below is an overview of the products we offer along three verticals:


  1. Payment – Revold Exchange Pay, Visa & Master Card, Simplex, Square 
  2. Trading – Revold Exchange App, 
  3. Financial Services – Decentralized Finance Products, Crypto Earn, Crypto Credit. 
  4. Metaverse -Meta Revolution World – Revold 
  5. Blockchain Infrastructure – Revold Blockchain, Revold Token & R-PC Token.


Revold Blockchain, our native blockchain solution, is the key tech that powers the payment pillar and will later support our trading and financial services products. In particular, the  Revold Exchange Blockchain protocol is the backbone behind Revold Exchange Pay, our mobile payment solution. (Revold) – the native token of Revold Exchange Chain – will power all of our products and offer rich token utility across different use cases.