Meta Revolution World - Revold Docs | REVOLD GUIDELINES

Hello Friend, We’d like to introduce the following policies to help keep the Community Forum a place for accurate, appropriate, and helpful discussions about REVOLD. These rules, along with REVOLD’s Terms of Service, apply to everyone using the forums. 

Be Respectful: 

Do not engage in harassing, bullying, or threatening behavior, and do not incite others to engage in these activities. Keep in mind that online harassment is also illegal in many places and can have serious offline consequences for both the harasser and the victim. 

Acting in an abusive way may result in an immediate ban without warning. Remember, you are talking to another human, be kind. 

Links to news, thoughts, opinions, ideas, and commentary must be in text form. 

Submit a text post linking out to your resource along with an explanation as to how the content relates to REVOLD.

Standalone links with little to no explanation on the relevance will be removed. 

No misleading or clickbait titles Do not use titles that are meant to mislead users into thinking something is true or not. 

Additionally, titles used to bait users to click it is a low-effort way to get someone to view the post. 

Titles that are used to mislead or cause clicks will be removed at moderator discretion. 

The title of your post must convey accurate information. 

No low-quality/effort content: 

Topics and posts must be clear, concise, and related to REVOLD. Posting content that has already been submitted by another user. i.e. reposts. 

Post titles as a URL. Opinion-based posts that don’t have justification. 

Questions that promote simple responses such as “yes” or “no” questions. 

No spam or soliciting:

 Do not spam the forum or create topics or posts with spammy content, including surveys or URLs that are promotional or commercial in nature, repetitive, unrelated, or excessive. Additionally, in order to avoid potential scams, don’t promote or “shill” any token on this forum. Also, begging for funds or assets is not allowed. 

Avoid self-promotional content unless you’re linking a video that may be helpful to the community or relevant to the conversation. Posts may be removed at the REVOLD Community team’s discretion. 

No NSFW content:

We don’t allow nudity, sexually explicit material, or content that directs traffic to pornography sites. 

These will be removed without much reasoning. We are a safe for work community and these posts will never be allowed. 

Abuse of the “Report” function is prohibited: 

Please note that users found abusing the “Report Inappropriate Content” function in the community forum will be subject to a temporary or even a permanent ban. In other words, please report content that clearly infringes our community guidelines and avoid reporting content due to personal disagreement.

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