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$REVOLD token represents the common currency of the gaming economy which includes all aspects of Defi, NFT-Fi, Metaverse and AR-VR Gameplay. The $ REVOLD token is issued based on the Binance Smart Chain, which is entirely decentralized.


REVOLD serves as the native game currency for Revolution World. Player’s leverage REVOLD to acquire characters, forge and reforge weapons, and to buy and sell on the Revolution World Marketplace/Bazar.

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The development fund locks for 12 months, where after they can withdrawal at a rate of 30% per quarter. The Investor fund vests at a rate of 15% per month.

A new frontier for development Revolution World and our project and apps are Transparent and Open Source. You can join our developer team and start to build together with us, fork code and re-use functionality others have already built. If you don’t want to learn a new language, you can just interact with open-sourced code using JavaScript and other existing languages.

Tokenomics of Revold Coin
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Rank Address Quantity Percentage Analytics
1 0x1323fcc3a52b81e0aa209d3dc52557966e37a55a 100,000,000 20% Gameplay Incentives
2 0x47ca50dfe314040297a25649b08d0b6b00863245 100,000,000 20% Developer Team
3 0xd632a4b105c7eff79c46389437f781edc1b44a21 100,000,000 20% PLay to Earn
4 0x490c01824aad310cdcf874d92b6d2548339f3df7 85,000,000 17% Liquidity Incentives
5 0xad3433d3f6505aed7c90fee3bbc542972e107916 60,000,000 12% AirDrop Wallet
6 0x8fea3595a214a27acb1191b785c4d9c9d618629f 50,000,000 10% Pre-Sale+Post Sale
7 0xdb65389cefcd79e3fda05c67471ac9d2fe2258e5 5,000,000 1.% Game Utility Wallet


$REVOLD has a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens. Here is a breakdown of how these tokens will be distributed. The Development Funds Locks for 12 months, where after they can withdraw at a rate of 30% per quarter. The Investors Funds vests at a rate of 15% per month.

$REVOLD is the digital token circulated around the Meta Revolution World ecosystem, which players use to purchase NFTs & in-game items and participate in different gaming events.


$Revold will be monetized with different revenue streams as follows:

  • Deduction of 0% of buying $Revold.
  • Deduction of 0% of selling $Revold.


Share of $REVOLD staking rewards that will be based on $REVOLD staked in a Treasury by the company and payoff with Reward Token R-Pearl (Revolution Pearls Coin).


$R-Pearl Coin (R-PC) is the digital token circulated around the Meta Revolution World ecosystem, which is used in the Revold ecosystem to pay rewards to the community that supports our project (Affiliated Team).

  • Deduction of 15% of buying $R-PC.
  • Deduction of 15% of selling $R-PC.
  • Deduction of Charity Fees of 4%.
  • Deduction of Token Holders Fees of 3%.
  • Deduction of Liquidity Wallet Fees of 5%.
  • Deduction of Development Fees of 3%.



5% fee on trading equipment on a secondary market.

4% Marketing.

4% Liquidity.

2% Development of Metaverse.


In addition, Revolution World will have burning and other economic mechanisms, through decentralized governance to achieve a better economic deflation and ecological incentive mechanism. The detailed operation will begin with the community proposal and voting, and the whole process will be open and transparent.



$REVOLD is the native token of the Meta Revolution World Game, built on BNB Chain as BEP-20 standard.


$REVOLD is the essential fuel to boost the growth of the Meta Revolution World Game ecosystem.


$REVOLD holders will be able to claim rewards through participating in the play-to-earn-to stake mechanism, DeFi operation and DAO voting process.